Italian association
of Aeronautics
and Astronautics

XXVI International Congress

AUG 31st – SEPT 3rd

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Organizing Committee

  • Prof. Roberto Galatolo
  • Prof. Aldo Frediani 
  • Prof. Luigi Lazzeri
  • Prof. Salvo Marcuccio
  • Prof. Roberta Lazzeri
  • Prof. Vittorio Cipolla

Scientific Committee


  • Prof. Erasmo Carrera
  • Prof. Roberto Galatolo


  • Dott. Gaetano Bergami
  • Prof. Giuseppe Davi
  • Prof. Stefano Debei
  • Prof. Sergio De Rosa
  • Prof. Leonardo Lecce
  • Prof. Pierangelo Masarati
  • Prof. Mario Marchetti
  • Prof. Aldo Frediani
  • Prof. Andrea Alaimo
  • Prof. Franco Bernelli
  • Prof. Luca D’Agostino
  • Ing. Alessandro Gabrielli
  • Prof. Ugo Galvanetto
  • Prof. Massimo Gennaretti
  • Prof. Luigi Lazzeri
  • Prof. Salvo Marcuccio


  • Prof. Amalia Ercoli Finzi

  • Prof. Francesco Marulo
  • Prof. Giovanni Mengali
  • Prof. Alberto Milazzo
  • Prof. Antonio Moccia
  • Prof. Marcello Onofri
  • Prof. Raffaele Savino
  • Prof. Paolo Teofilatto
  • Prof. Paolo Tortora
  • Prof. Mauro Valorani
  • Prof. Antonio Viviani
  • Prof. Luciano Galfetti
  • Prof. Gennaro Cardone
  • Prof. Guido De Matteis

Scientific Programme

Congress’s goal is to promote the exchange of scientific information in the Italian and the international community in all areas of aerospace science and technology: Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics, Propulsion, Materials and Structures, Aerospace Systems, Flight Mechanics and Control, Space Systems and Missions.

Delegates include engineers, scientists, and experts in aeronautics and astronautics, representing aerospace agencies, industries, universities, and research centres

The Scientific Committee will also select the best papers to be submitted for publication in the AIDAA journal
Aerotecnica Missili & Spazio

The Congress will be held 100% on-line via the live streaming platform Streamyard (no software installation required)

Are you going to attend the AIDAA2021 Congress online sessions? Download the Online Conference Platform guidelines here

Are you going to give a presentation at the AIDAA2021 Congress? Download the Streaming Platform guidelines & Presentation Template here

AIDAA effort
against COVID-19

The XXVI Congress is organized by the Tuscany Section of AIDAA in Pisa. The coronavirus outbreak that started in 2020 is still a worldwide emergency, and each of us is asked to contribute to defeating COVID-19. Although the organizers look forward to getting in touch with AIDAA members and friends, the Congress will be entirely online.

Thanks for understanding

AIDAA Congress

The 2021 AIDAA Congress is the biennial Congress of the Associazione Italiana di Aeronautica ed Astronautica; it is the 26th Congress, 50 years after the first AIDAA Congress held in Palermo in 1971. The Congress is hosted by the Tuscany Section of AIDAA in Pisa and supported by the Aerospace Division of the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering (DICI).

Missili & Spazio

Journal of Aerospace Science,
Technologies & Systems

Publisher: Springer
Editor in chief: Prof. Aldo Frediani

Open Access Options:

> Springer Open Choice

> Springer Compact Agreement
free for most Italian Universities


Franco Bernelli Zazzera
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Christophe Bonnal
CNES, France

Sergio De Rosa
Università Federico II Napoli, Italy

Christer Fureby
Lund University, Sweden

Paolo Gasbarri
Università la Sapienza Roma, Italy

Andreas Gernoth
ESA – European Space Agency

Michael Jump
University of Liverpool, UK

Giovanni Lombardi
Università di Pisa, Italy

Teresa Miller
Friends University, Wichita, USA

Marilena D. Pavel
TU Delft, Netherlands

Mauro Pontani
Università La Sapienza Roma, Italy

Zdravko Terze
University of Zagreb, Croatia

Wenbin Yu
Purdue University, USA

Important dates

extended deadline

May 23, 2021

Abstract due
(one page)

extended deadline

June 7, 2021

of acceptance

extended deadline

July 22, 2021

Full length

Call for Papers

Full-length paper submission is now closed, thank you to all the authors for their contributions.

An electronic version of the book of proceedings will be published by Persiani Editore.

AIDAA strongly encourages the submission of an extended version of Congress papers
to Aerotecnica Missili & Spazio or other scientific journals.


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AIDAA 2021 Congress Organizing Committee

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